The Three Percent [III%] Clan is a competitive clan that originated on Insurgency Standalone in 2017.  It has grown to be one of the most highly skilled groups of talented players from all across the world.  The Three Percent is committed to providing its members with quality teamwork, communication, tactical operations, and good sportsmanship.  Only the strongest players are permitted within the ranks of The Three.  


6.17.19 - 15:15 - The time has come for another round of promotions throughout the team.  Congratulations to the following team members for receiving promotions based on community presence, leadership, and loyalty to the three:

[III%]EraserBOT - MG - Major General

[III%]xJay0791x - LTC - Lieutenant Colonel

[III%]Stryker - CPT - Captain

[III%]MrMaddTraxx - 1SG - First Sergeant

[III%]MisfitBorder - CPL - Corporal

[III%]Kingal - CPL - Corporal

[III%]Vanillapop - CPL - Corporal

[III%]Pancho - PFC - Private First Class

[III%]killerqueen - PFC - Private First Class

[III%]callmemrg - PFC - Private First Class

[III%]Lite - PFC - Private First Class

[III%]theImmortals - PFC - Private First Class

4.7.19 - 13:44 - The following Clan Members have gone AWOL and have since been removed from the roster:






Johnny Cab

4.7.19 - 13:19 - Congratulations to [III%]MisfitBorder for his promotion to E-3 PFC Private First Class.  His dedication to the clan, the server, and the members of this community have been observed and is greatly appreciated.  

PFC - Private First Class
(630+ Hours)

4.7.19 - 09:56 - SERVER ANTI-SPAM UPDATE: 

  • Removed M79 (All Versions)

  • Removed M203 Smoke & Fire

  • Removed M107

  • Removed M60

  • Removed PKP Pecheneg

  • Removed IED from Security Team

  • Removed RPG from Security Team

  • Removed Impact Smoke Grenades (pending votes)

  • Limited LMG Class Extra Ammo

  • Restricted Anti-Tank Weapons (i.e. AT4, Geballteladung, Hafthohlladung, and LAW) to the Anti-Tank Class

  • Restricted Demolition Weapons (i.e. C4) To the Demolitions Class

  • Restricted Smoke Grenades to 1 for Normal Classes

  • Restricted Smoke Grenades to 2 for Medic Class

Big shout out to [III%]MisfitBorder for getting it all set up for us.  


Arma3 Mod List Sept 27

3.23.19 - 19:25 - Thanks to [III%]MisfitBorder for setting up a very nice and functional message board for us to use for various reasons.  We encourage all people involved with the clan/server to utilize it for various forms of communication whether it be notification/removal of a potential banned_user, tips & tricks on the game/server, or even simply posting a pic of your rig/specs and bragging a bit.  You can check it out at:  wearethethree.proboards.com or we added a new message board link in the header.