Appeal Ban

If you have found your self a member of our Wall of Shame, it is for good reason.  The Three Percent does not wish to ban members of its community without first giving multiple warnings followed by general user kicks from the server, and finally a permanent ban.  Bans are almost always permanent and very seldom are for shorter lengths of time.  Bans are initiated for multiple reasons, decided on by multiple higher rank officers within the clan, and include the following reasons: 

  • Violation of Terms

    • Rush Capturing Objectives​

    • Destroying Caches before team is ready

    • Disrespect of Clan members & Non-Clan members

    • Failing to communicate with team members

  • Team Killing

  • ​Racism​

  • False Membership Claims


To appeal your ban simply fill out the form found on this page, including your email address, current username (or SteamID) and a valid reason as to why you feel you have been wrongfully banned.  

While submission of the appeal is simple, approval of it is not.  Your appeal will be carefully analyzed by the following ranking members of the clan:

GA - General of the Army
LTG - Lieutenant General